"You Can Be a Silicon Valley Success"

is a remarkable book on how to pursue an idea and turn it into a successful business, based on Andre Gueziec's experiences in Silicon Valley and the business world.

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In this captivating read, Andre chronicles his successes and failures in creating a startup business. Read through the obstacles he encountered, learn from the great choices he made, see the decisions he would have altered, and most of all experience what it is like to run a successful startup.

Of particular interest is the non-dilutive way Andre was able to fund his venture. As we hope the reader will do as well, Andre created his own CEO job, and grew into it.   He raised to new challenges as they came. Unlike many venture-backed CEOs, he wasn't propped into a job, or situation that he realized he could not handle.  This provided flexibility in addressing upcoming strategic challenges; as well as in riding new waves of technology that surfaced over time. And ultimately Andre was able to… 

This isn't a place for spoilers as the end of the story is in the book to read.

"Andre Gueziec has been through some amazing experiences in his life. Learning about his trials and tribulations and being able to see where he ended up is incredible. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the startup world or the life of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur."

– Keri Ribardiere, Book Division President at Charles Pinot.

Andre Gueziec is an entrepreneur and executive with a unique combination of product vision, technical depth, and start-up expertise. His passion is to build a quality product and experience from the ground up. Andre is also an angel investor and advisor to technology companies. Andre published about 40 peer-reviewed technical papers and is the inventor of 35 patents